Cleansmoke Räucherprozess für Bio-Produkte zulässig – weitere Informationen hier in Kürze

Smoking process with pre-purified smoke for organic products

EGTOP Food VII – Feed V Final Report (22.09.2021)


Based on the long-standing EGTOP consultations on CleanSmoke, the Directorate of the EU Agriculture Commission has declared the smoking process with pre-purified smoke to be permissible for organic products – the same requirements apply as for conventional smoking processes: “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)” and compliance with general food law regulations – both of which are guaranteed for the smoking process with pre-purified smoke (CleanSmoke).


On 12 Nov. 2021, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture – as the applicant of the CleanSmoke Dossier – informed the competent and controlling authorities at state level, the Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW) as the umbrella organisation of German organic farmers, producers and traders, and other food associations.


With this, the CleanSmoke Organic Educational Campaign has achieved an important goal: organic producers and organic processors are now allowed to use a product and environmentally friendly smoking method that meets their attitude and the expectations of their customers. Now the CleanSmoke Organic Educational Campaign will inform organic associations and potentially interested parties (who have been waiting for a long time) in detail and support them in the implementation. Another task – in addition to the CleanSmoke presentation at BioFach 2022 – will then be to inform the media and consumers – for organic producers, the CleanSmoke seal shown opposite is available for this purpose.



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