CleanSmoke in Italy

After BioFach, the CleanSmoke Organic Campaign was represented at the Italian organic trade fair SANA in Bologna. The producers’ association AssoBio, the certifier Suolo e Salute and the Organic Department of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture were the most important discussion partners.

At SANA 2022, the CleanSmoke Organic Campaign visited old and new interested parties – 2 years ago we were also there, but without the EU Agricultural Commission approval to smoke organic products with pre-cleaned smoke in a product- and environmentally friendly way.

Assobio, the most important organic association in Italy, will inform its more than 130 organic producers about the CleanSmoke smoking process with pre-cleaned smoke. AssoBio manager Nadia Monti will use AssoBio’s online media to help us find organic producers in Italy who use a smoking process in their processing. The contact person for the interested parties will then be an Italian colleague from the CleanSmoke Coalition team.

With a view to the future certification process of Italian organic producers who want to work with CleanSmoke, we spoke to Alessandro D’Elia, General Director and Michele Staiano, responsible for certification. Both represent Suolo e Salute, the most important organic certification company in Italy. At the end of the conversation, Emanuele Busacca, IFOAM Europe Regulation Manager, joined us and was able to help emphasise the special features of a product- and environmentally-friendly smoking process once again.

With Giovanna Rivieccio, the new General Director of the Organic Department in the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, we were able to discuss the approval of the CleanSmoke smoking process granted by the EU Agricultural Commission with its advantages for product, people and the environment.

The CleanSmoke discussion with FederBio, the largest growers’ association in Italy, will take place in a telephone conference next week – unfortunately, no appointment with Daniele Fichera was available at SANA.

With these results and information, the CleanSmoke Organic campaign has prepared the way for Italian organic producers to now opt for a product and environmentally friendly smoking process.