CleanSmoke Coalition at the BioFach trade fair in July 2022 – the world’s largest trade fair for organic food and agriculture

Organic with CleanSmoke as a transformation agent

After the EU Agricultural Commission approved the CleanSmoke smoking process for organic products at the end of 2021, the CleanSmoke Organic Campaign “Win the entire smoking market through organics” has achieved great success within just a few months.<–more–> Healthy, safe nutrition, sustainability and resource protection are consistently practised in the organic sector in exemplary fashion. Organic is the new “key currency” and has strong spill-over effects throughout the food industry. With its first official appearance at the BioFach trade fair, CleanSmoke has established itself as the ideal partner for the organic sector and its manufacturers and processors.

 With the support of the first organic farms that have already been convinced to use CleanSmoke, we had the opportunity to present authentic information on the application at the CleanSmoke technical lecture in the BioFach congress programme as well as at the CleanSmoke Coalition stand. We also let visitors taste CleanSmoke smoked products. After conducting successful internal and consumer tests, Biofleisch NRW is converting its entire range of meat products for 30 SuperBioMärkte stores to the CleanSmoke smoking process. Taifun will smoke its lead product “Smoked Tofu”, which is distributed in 14 countries throughout Europe, in its new facility with CleanSmoke. Biofino, a leader with poultry products in organic catering and organic community catering, has already showcased its first products at the BioFach trade fair. A host of leading organic suppliers from the meat sector as well as a large number of small organic producers will be using this process with its impressive benefits for people and nature after the BioFach trade fair.


One deliberate effect in cultivating this market is that organic farms, based on their ecologically sustainable positioning, will have no choice but to use this product and environmentally-friendly smoking process as CleanSmoke continues to gain popularity, especially among consumers. By successfully starting to penetrate the organic market at the BioFach trade fair, the movement towards CleanSmoke will also spread to the conventional food industry, which is seeking to develop ecologically sustainable processes and products.

The CleanSmoke Organic Campaign will now implement a comparable concept for the CleanSmoke Coalition in key European organic markets.






Annex: Co-operation between Naturland and Aldi

NATURLAND, an international association for organic agriculture, has provided the strongest evidence of the CleanSmoke leverage effect, which has its roots in the organic sector and is now being used in the conventional food industry: Smoking with pre-cleaned primary smoke condensate is now explicitly stated in the current amendments to Naturland’s processing standards for meat and meat products. Naturland also announced its co-operation with the leading discounter Aldi at the BioFach trade fair. This creates a unique opportunity to disrupt the entire meat market by introducing organic meat products smoked with CleanSmoke in the 4,000 Aldi locations that lead this market segment.