Smoking process with pre-purified smoke is “organic-compliant“

Although the product and environmentally friendly smoking process has been approved by the EU Agricultural Commission for organic products since the end of 2021, we still receive enquiries about the implementing regulations of the EU Organic Regulation and “pre-purified smoke”.

On the following two-page paper, we have therefore once again compiled the essential reasons and legal requirements for this approval. In addition to compliance with “good manufacturing practice”, it was particularly important that the smoking process is comparable to conventional smoking. And that the results are identical in terms of taste, colour, texture and microbiological properties. Since, from the point of view of the EU Agricultural Commission, both smoking processes are now equal, smoking with pre-purified smoke falls under the general implementation rules on the subject of “smoking of organic products”.

But the advantages of the smoking process with pre-purified smoke for humans, nature and the environment had to tip the scales in favour of approval in our view, facing the global climate crisis and dwindling diversity.