Cleansmoke Räucherprozess für Bio-Produkte zulässig – weitere Informationen hier in Kürze

Press release end of December 2021

A strong CleanSmoke signal in the meat industry

Product and environmentally friendly smoking processes for organic products


For three years, the CleanSmoke Organic Educational Campaign has been working at national and European level with NGOs and official bodies to establish a product and environmentally friendly smoking process for organic meat processing and other organic products to be smoked. After all the disruptive processes in the food industry with the plant-based meat substitutes and the better husbandry of domestic animals had their origin in the ecological movement and the consumers who supported it, a strong signal will now once again be sent out by the organic producers and processors with CleanSmoke.

The Directorate of the EU Agriculture Commission has approved the application submitted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture to declare a “smoking process without ash, tar and PAHs” as permissible for organic products. In addition to the advantages for the product, humans and nature – proven in the so-called “CleanSmoke Dossier” – the decisive factor was that a smoking process with pre-cleaned smoke in the smokehouse application and the product properties aimed for in the process are comparable with conventional smoking processes.

In the new year, the CleanSmoke Organic Campaign will be launched to inform the meat industry, trade and consumers that a product- and environmentally-friendly smoking process – with significant CO2 reduction – is now available. The starting point for this campaign will be the organic producers and processors, who are now acting as ethical and real drivers of quality and innovation for the entire food industry.

Jürgen Michalzik, head of the CleanSmoke Organic Educational Campaign, summarises the concept and objectives of this Europe-wide campaign: “Since the leading impulses for the necessary sustainable- ecological further development of our food economy are increasingly coming from organic producers and organic consumers, we will soon see the CleanSmoke seal on many smoked products in the entire trade.