Cleansmoke Räucherprozess für Bio-Produkte zulässig – weitere Informationen hier in Kürze

Analysis of Smoked Products for Hazardous Substances

We are publishing here the current test report from the accredited, independent institute “Limbach Analytics”. 

In order to be allowed to publish the test result, we are required to show the entire report – which is difficult for laypersons to understand – as a PDF. 

The test report summarises as follows: 

“Assessment: In the two samples available (both from the centre of the raw ham and from the smoked surface), the two substances 2-furanone and pyrocatechol (1,2-dihydroxybenzene) could not be detected.”


For the analysis commissioned by Red Arrow Handels GmbH, the samples were subjected to a particularly long and intensive smoking process to obtain reliable results.

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